4YP Radio with Matthew and Liam at The Nightingale Centre


In this episode of the 4YP podcast, we’re at the Nightingale Centre in Wolverhampton. Nightingale work with young people, who, for a variety of reasons, are not attending mainstream schools. Many of the young people they work with have battled, and are still battling to overcome, serious challenges for their mental health and well-being.

I spent the morning with Matthew and Liam at Nightingale yesterday. It wasn’t easy for them to speak into the mic about their lives, but they bravely and thoughtfully shared their experiences, and their ideas for supporting other young people in similar situations.

Please listen to what they have to say, and remember that many other young people are facing similar challenges, and need our support.

Huge thanks to Matthew, Liam, and to the Nightingale Centre. We're back on the Nightingale Centre next week to speak to more young people.

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4YP Talking Heads: Young Carers with Spurgeons UK

In the latest 4YP show, we hear from four young people who attend a young carers support group for 13-14 year olds with Spurgeons UK at their Wolverhampton base at The WorkSpace. 

Jess, Josh, Siwi and Eniola spoke about their experiences of being a young person with caring responsibilities for a parent or family member; how it makes them feel, how it affects them at school, and how Spurgeons support them. Their resilience and thoughtfulness are truly inspiring.

The audio of the interviews is taken from the video below. Whether you prefer to listen to the podcast, or watch the video, we'd love to receive your comments and feedback. Please like, share, and comment.

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To mark Young Carers Awareness Day 2018, we speak to four young people from the Wolverhampton area about their experiences of being a young carer: how it makes them feel, how it affects them at school, and how Spurgeons UK support them. Their resilience and thoughtfulness are truly inspiring.

4YP Radio: in conversation with Callum and William at the Braybrook Centre

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In the latest episode of the 4YP Radio show, I speak to Callum and William, two Year 9 students at the Braybrook Centre. Braybrook is the Key Stage 3 Pupil Referral Unit for Wolverhampton for young people with social and behavioural difficulties, and caters for students who are at risk of, or have been, permanently excluded from mainstream education.

In our conversation, we discuss Callum and William's experience in school, and how the Braybrook are supporting them in improving their educational attainment, personal development and future aspirations.

I hope you find the show to be an interesting and thought-provoking listen. Huge thanks to Callum and William, and to Mr. Playford and Mrs. Evans at the Braybrook for organising and supporting the recording session.

The challenges of the festive period for young people: in conversation with Nikki Mattocks, Time To Change Young Champion

In the latest of episode of the HeadStart podcast, I chat to Nikki Mattocks. Nikki is a Time To Change's Young Champion, and works alongside the Time To Change team to break down the stigma around mental health in schools, the community, and through the media.

“We are Time to Change, the growing social movement changing how we all think and act about mental health. Still too many people are made to feel ashamed or isolated because they have a mental health problem but we’re here to change that.
— Time to Change

In our conversation, we discuss the pressures that the festive period can create for young people, what they can do to support themselves, and how parents and family members can support the young people in their lives to create the happiest Christmas period possible.

We hope you enjoy listening to the show, and huge thanks to Nikki for sharing her thoughts and insights with us!

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The festive season can be a very difficult time of year for many people, with the possibility of family conflict, social anxiety, and unrealistic expectations.

We've collated some supportive resources on our new HeadStart Support and Guidance platform


4YP Talking Heads at Bantock Primary School - Part Two

In the latest episode of the 4YP Show, children from Year 6 at Bantock Primary continue to share their thoughts, feelings and opinions on a variety of questions:

  • "Who is your greatest role model?"
  • "What's the most difficult thing about being a young person today?"
  • "What makes you angry?"
  • "What is your biggest fear?"
  • "What are your hopes and dreams for the future?"

They speak with great honesty, insight and thoughtfulness.

We hope you enjoy listening to the show! If you haven't listened already, make sure you listen to Part One!

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