Positive Participation and HeadStart Free 2-day Work Experience Programme

As part of the HeadStart Summer Programme for 10-16 year olds in HeadStart target areas, HeadStart have teamed up with Positive Participation to offer a 2-day work experience programme, running from the Bob Jones Community Hub in Bromley St.

This is a unique opportunity for young people and their parents/carers to get a work experience certificate to present at high school, to employers, colleges or universities, to improve future employment prospects and career progression. Young people will work together, with professional support, to plan and lead an Open Day Event to launch the new HeadStart Base for the All Saints, Blakenhall, Parkfields and Ettingshall area. They will use their creative and organisational skills to showcase facilities and programmes in their local community!

The planning session will take place on Wednesday 16th August, with the Open Day itself on Saturday 9th September.

For full details and a consent form, please download a flyer now. Alternatively, contact Positive Participation on 01902552275 or at positivework1@outlook.com  

Day One - Planning an open day event

Wednesday 16th August 2017
10am - 4pm
 (free lunch and refreshments)

Responsibilities and conduct at work, Goal Setting, Problem Solving, Group Discussions & Team Working, Team Building, Effective Communication Methods, Planning and marketing, Research, Resilience, Managing money 

Day Two - Work With Wolverhampton City Council & Positive Participation To Deliver An Open Day Event & Headstart Launch

Saturday 9th September 2017
10am - 4pm
 (free lunch and refreshments)

Free food and refreshments, Face Painting, Sports, Street Dancers, Mehndi, Yoga, Dhol Players, Cake Decorating,BhangraDancing, Arts&Craft 

Alice and Emma talk about Hope, our HeadStart wolf for 'Wolves in Wolves'

Visitors to Wolverhampton city centre can now walk the trail of the 30 sculptures. See www.wolvesinwolves.co.uk for more details!

Visitors to Wolverhampton city centre can now walk the trail of the 30 sculptures. See www.wolvesinwolves.co.uk for more details!

Wolves in Wolves (wolvesinwolves.co.uk) is the largest public art event ever to take place in the city. Thirty wolf sculptures, each designed individually by local organisations, have been placed on display around the city centre and in West Park. HeadStart were delighted to be asked to design a HeadStart wolf; you can read all about the process of designing and creating 'Hope' in our previous news post:

During the creation process for Hope, Alice and Emma, our highly talented HeadStart team members and artists, spoke to the team at Wolves in Wolves about the thinking behind the design.

We hope you enjoy hearing what they had to say, and that it gives you some insight into why Hope looks the way she does.

A typical Saturday for the HeadStart Summer Programme

Find out about the HeadStart Summer programme at http://www.headstartonline.co.uk/summer2017

Find out about the HeadStart Summer programme at http://www.headstartonline.co.uk/summer2017

The HeadStart Summer programme is up and running across HeadStart's four target areas. Here is a quick taste of two activities that were happening on a single day, Saturday 29th July!

Aspiring Future C.I.C. Girls Youth Club (Blakenhall)

Aspiring Future's Girls Youth club, one of the 'Place To Go' activities in the summer programme, is enabling girls aged 10-16 to stretch their creative juices, learn new skills and make new friends. The Drop-In Youth Club runs every Saturday from 22nd July until 23rd September, 12pm until 3pm. The youth club also offers guidance and support via 1-1 sessions.

The Girls Youth Club is also running 'I Am Beautiful' Hair and Beauty sessions every Wednesday, Eat Your Art Out art sessions every Thursday and Like Mother, Like Daughter evening meet-ups looking at the relationships between women and young girls. For full details and a flyer, visit the Summer Programme page for the All Saints, Blakenhall, Parkfields and Ettingshall area at http://www.headstartonline.co.uk/summer2017area-d. Don't miss out if you, or a family member, are a 10-16 year old girl living in the area.

Here are some photos from the youth club last Saturday:

Big Venture Community Fun Day (Scotlands)

It is great that activities like this are being run for young people, giving them the opportunity to do something during the holidays that is really positive.
— A parent

To launch their HeadStart summer programme, the Big Venture Centre hosted a community fun day on Saturday. A number of exciting activities for young people were available including free bouncy castles, a disco and giant mascot friends. Local community groups shared information about their services from a wide range of stands, and Kate Clarke, HeadStart Community Coordinator for the Low Hill, Scotlands and Bushbury South area, discussed HeadStart and local provision with visitors to our stand. The feedback she received was really valuable; many thanks to everyone who dropped by to chat with her!

The Big Venture Centre used the event to launch their summer programme, which includes RML Rock SchoolRevolution Dance Academy and Zumba classes. For full details of their programme and a flyer, go to http://www.headstartonline.co.uk/summer2017area-a. Don't miss out if you, or a family member, are a 10-16 year old living in the area.

Many thanks to the Big Venture Centre for organising such a great afternoon in support of HeadStart.

The HeadStart Summer Programme is underway! HeadStart staff and Ambassadors at the Heathfield International day

Heathfield International Day, partly funded by HeadStart through Heathfield Park Community Action Network, was a great success on Saturday 22nd July. The day was designed to bring together local people in the Heath Town area of the city to find out about local services, including HeadStart, and to have lots of fun; dancing, a gospel choir, face painting and more!

Our HeadStart Community Development Coordinator for the Heath Town / Park Village / Eastfield / Springfield / Old Heath area, Elaine Higgins, was joined by HeadStart Ambassadors Christina and Rebecca. They spoke to members of the public, shared details of the HeadStart Summer Programme (and HeadStart more generally), and sought views and ideas on the challenges of mental well-being in young people, and how local services can support them.

The HeadStart team were also delighted to be joined on the stand by The Mayor Of Wolverhampton, Councillor Elias Mattu, and the Mayoress Asha Mattu.

Our HeadStart newshounds for this area of the city, from Park Village Tuition Centre, were on hand to record interviews / vox pops and to take photos of the events of the afternoon.

The weather was kind, despite forecasts that predicted otherwise. A wonderful afternoon was had by all!

Getting Ahead with Year 7 at The Kingswood Trust

On Wednesday 28th June, Year 7 students from local Secondary schools: Colton Hills, Heath Park and Moreton Community joined Learning Technologies and HeadStart staff for a fun-filled day at Kingswood Trust.

Students were mixed up and placed into their teams for the day. The morning started off with team introductions as an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other. Each team was then presented with an envelope and the nominated Team Captain had the role of sharing their challenge for the day ahead …

The Gathering Storm!

Each of the seven teams made their way over to the first activity of the day. Once in position, Team Captains shared their challenge with their peers. On the sound of the first whistle, teams negotiated how to solve the problem, discussing and exploring a range of different strategies along the way. After ten minutes, the whistle sounded again to signal the end of the challenge.

The teams persevered and worked collaboratively throughout each of the seven assigned tasks…some of which involved water, slime and cryptic themed puzzles! Points awarded throughout the morning were based on teamwork, resilience and task completion.

After lunch, the scores from the morning tasks were revealed and points were translated into ‘money’ which resulted in equipment for the next task. Each team had the challenge of building a shelter to withstand The Gathering Storm!

Teams soon gathered and took cover in their shelters while leaders poured buckets of water over each build. Students evaluated their construction and quickly identified strengths and areas for development…many wishing they could have covered all of the gaps in the tarpaulin!

Despite the persistent drizzle throughout the day, it did not dampen the spirits of our young people and the buckets of water and slime only added to the fun and excitement of the day making it a memorable day for all involved.