Bilston East Newshounds Update 3 - More Highlights!

Throughout the Bilston East area a number of workshops are taking place delivering an array of activities to support and entertain 10-16 year olds and families. Over the course of the summer holidays they will be learning new skills such as team work and building friendships as well as working together to solve problems and work towards their personal goals.

After talking to a number of youngsters taking part in these workshops here are a few of their goals for the summer:

“Getting along with people and just making new friends” - Presley

“Getting here on time to not miss any of it!” - Keisha

“More confidence, more knowledge” - Sarlotte

In addition to this here is an insight into some of the activities they have been up to:

Whilst documenting the summer programmes we are also running film workshops in the Bilston East area to teach the young people some basic filming skills that they can take away with them and use to make videos of their own. Below are a few snaps of us in action at Lower Bradley along with some comments about what they learnt;

“I have learnt to act and use equipment for behind the scenes in a workshop today” - Krystal

“I have learnt about a movie set and how it looks and how it could help me be a better youtuber” - Theo

“I have learnt that there is a boom pole and how to use a camera, also I have learnt not to be shy in front of the camera” -  Chloe

The next film workshop is next week Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd August at Bilston Town Hall where we will be creating content for a news show as well as presenting and filming.

All Saints, Blakenhall, Parkfields and Ettingshall Newshounds Update 1 - Aspiring Futures C.I.C. Girls Youth Club

The Aspiring Futures C.I.C. Girls Youth Club hair and beauty sessions have been enlightening and educational. With many different girls and women walking the planet we aimed to find common interests and skills that many of them possess. Then breaking down the positives and negatives young girls hear or are told on a daily basis formed a good rounded conversation.

Positive affirmations included:

  • I will not be afraid to discover new things
  • Be confident around others
  • Never give up and always stand up for myself

Positive words expressed were:

  • Pretty, Beautiful, Cute, Bold, Kind

Withe negative words such as:

  • Loner, Smelly, Annoying, Ugly

This was followed by hair and beauty skills with nail art, hair styles and make-up tutorials.

The Girls Youth Club is part of the HeadStart Summer Programme for All Saints, Blakenhall, Parkfields and Ettingshall - see here for details of this and other activities.

Bilston East Newshounds Update 2 - Gazebo Theatre Family Fun Days

Here's a little insight in to what Gazebo have been up to at Bilston Town Hall this last week, from crafts and poetry to drama. More exciting things to follow including film workshops on Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd August, a family film day Friday 25th August, and the opportunity to create and perform a play in a week, week commencing 28th August

For more information get in touch with the Town Hall on 01902 497222. For more information about the programme at Bilston Town Hall, visit

Bilston East Newshounds Update 1: 4th August 2017

From Grant and Callan

This week we have started collecting footage for the Headstart summer project. We have filmed at the Lower Bradley Community centre, Bilston Town Hall and Bilston Methodist Church. Unfortunately the weather hasn't been so good for the outdoor activities at Coronation Park but we are looking forward to heading over there next week!

I think that the project, so far, has been really fun because I have been able to use different cameras and further develop my knowledge on camera settings and improve my filming skills. I have also enjoyed travelling around Bilston.
— Callan
As of yet I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience as it’s allowed me to use my creative skillset through film. Having the opportunity to practise shooting with my own camera has been great while also learning how to operate a monopod.
— Grant