Making our case: the phase 3 Big Lottery Bid

In February 2016, HeadStart Wolverhampton submitted a formal bid to the Big Lottery Fund for additional funding. The submission of this bid was the culmination of months of thought, discussion, and planning. The bid was drafted, discussed, and redrafted several times. We strongly believe that the final bid includes a set of realistic proposals, structures and strategies that will allow us to target support at the young people in the city who most need it.

To share our ideas for the bid, we created a digital version for young people, educational professionals, HeadStart FM visitors and the Big Lottery themselves to explore. You can find the digital version of the bid at

Here are some of the key concepts in the bid:

1. The bid has four components:

  • Citywide provision that will be available to young people all across the city
  • 'Universal' services for young people living in key geographic areas of the city where evidence suggests that need is greatest
  • 'Universal +' services for young people in key age groups in those geographic areas
  • Targeted support for the most vulnerable young people

2. Universal support will include:

  • the formation of HeadStart Hubs, central locations in each of the geographic areas, containing a dedicated team of professionals working with young people in that area
  • commissioned activities from the voluntary sector and community groups
  • accredited training programmes for educational and health professionals, and the continuing development of peer support networks

3. Universal+ support will include the following, for schools:

  • SUMO resilience and mental well-being programmes for schools: teacher training, and curriculum materials.
  • Digital literacy and internet safety programmes
  • HEROs peer support programme in schools
  • An employability work skills programme
  • Access to the HeadStarters programme

3. Targeted support will include the following:

  • Intensive support and interventions from HeadStart and CAMHS Link workers operating from HeadStart Hubs.
  • The Getting Ahead digital resilience programme
  • Activities commissioned from the voluntary sector to support young people who are close to entering the CAMHs system, or who have received recent CAMHs interventions.

Key facts and concepts for phase 3. Click to see larger.

HeadStart Apprentice Amelia Chalak introduces the digital version of the HeadStart bid

"To promote, protect and preserve the mental well-being of 10-16 year olds across our City, by inspiring them to dream big, supporting them to maintain motivation and control, and equipping them with the skills to cope with setbacks and adversity"

"To empower the young people of Wolverhampton to improve and spread awareness of their own mental well-being and that of their peers"

Mission statements for phase 3 of Wolverhampton HeadStart; the first from our Partnership Board, the second from our young person HeadStarters.

The four component model from HeadStart Wolverhampton's Phase 3 Bid (click to see larger). Screenshot from the HeadStart bid mini site at

The staffing of a HeadStart / HeadSpace Hub (click to see larger).  Screenshot from the HeadStart bid mini site at

The four geographic areas identified for 'Universal' support (click to see larger).  Screenshot from the HeadStart bid mini site at

Presenting to The Big Lottery Fund

At the end of May, representatives from the HeadStart Team, and selected student HeadStarters, went down to London to present our phase 3 bid to representatives from The Big Lottery Fund.

Our young HeadStarters did us proud, and delivered a great presentation, confidently answering questions from The Big Lottery Fund.

You can view the presentation that Kevin and the rest of the HeadStart team gave to The Big Lottery Fund here: