We listen, we consult, and we give responsibility to young people. They are in the driving seat of HeadStart.

Young people have been at the centre of everything we have done in HeadStart. This doesn't just mean that we are always thinking of them. It means that we listen to themconsult them, and give them responsibility for decision-making about what we do, and how money is spent. We are accountable to them for our mistakes, and celebrate success alongside them.

Wolverhampton HeadStarters

Our HeadStarters are a large group of young people from primary, secondary, and special schools, and from alternative educational providers in the city.

They work with the HeadStart team, community groups, and teachers to make sure that the ideas and feedback of young people about HeadStart are listened to, and responded to.

They have participated as Dragons in decision-making about how HeadStart funding is spent in the community and support safeguarding in the city as part of the B-Safe Team.

Our HeadStarters aren’t just ‘engaged’ they are in the driving seat! Challenging the providers they funded as our ‘Dragons’
— Kevin Pace

Dragon's Den Events

HeadStarters were trained as 'Dragons' in evaluating bids from community and voluntary organisations for HeadStart funding. They grilled the adults who presented to them, asking tough questions about the objectives and implementation of proposed projects.

Once commissioned projects were complete, they faced the dragons again:

The B-Safe Team

The student B-Safe Team meet regularly at HeadStart HQ to make decisions, create campaigns, and feedback to the City Of Wolverhampton Council Safeguarding Board, concerning issues of e-safety, child protection and anti-bullying.

They have been heavily involved, for example, in creating an Anti-bullying Charter for the city, and in creating campaigns for Safer Internet Day, and Suicide Prevention Week.