Make a difference to young people in our city - apply today to become a HeadStart Ambassador

Are you passionate about empowering other young people to reach their full potential? If so, please consider joining HeadStart as a HeadStart Ambassador.

HeadStart aims to support the mental well-being and resilience of young people. The Big Lottery Fund has awarded the city £9.5 million over the next five years to support young people across Wolverhampton.

We are looking for volunteer HeadStart Ambassadors, aged 16 to 25, who share our vision to engage with young people, and to ensure that their voices are heard.

As a HeadStart Ambassador, you will work alongside us to facilitate groups of young people aged 10-16, will support in the delivery of programmes and projects, and will engage in regular dialogue, on behalf of other young people, with the professionals working as part of HeadStart. You will also be a leader in the HeadStart Shadow Board, a group of young people with genuine decision-making power, and the power to challenge and support the leadership of HeadStart in delivering the very best for young people in the city.

What you will gain from membership:

  • Work and volunteering experience. Fantastic to put on that application for a job, apprenticeship or university place!
  • Develop and enhance new and existing skills with opportunities for professional accreditation.
  • Meet new young people from around Wolverhampton and engage with educational and health professionals, the voluntary sector and academics.
  • Voice your opinions and help to make decisions that have a real impact on the lives of young people in our city
  • Represent HeadStart at events and conferences, both locally and nationwide

As a HeadStart Ambassador, you will be an essential part of HeadStart, and will directly influence the design and decision-making of our programmes.

To apply to become a HeadStart Ambassador, complete the form below, or use the link below to download a copy of the form to print, complete and post. Postage details are included on the form:


The HeadStart Ambassadors Programme is a great example of co-production in HeadStart.

What is co-production?

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HeadStart Ambassadors Application Form

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Name, relationship / role, contact phone number

If you, or a young person you are working alongside, need help or support in completing this form, please call the Young Person Engagement Team on 01902 550851, and they will arrange to help.

HeadStart Wolverhampton is committed to providing equal access to services.

Note: Please complete the form as carefully as you can. Fields that are required (and that you must fill in) are shown with a * next to them.

You may wish to type your application into a document first and copy and paste your words into the form before submitting.

All personal details will be securely held by HeadStart and will not be shared with other individuals or organisations without permission.

Information about ethnicity, sexuality, religion and disability are requested for purposes of monitoring and of ensuring equality of opportunity for young people in the city.