A trip to Go Kids Go as part of the HeadStart Summer Programme, by Ellie, HeadStart Apprentice

As part of the HeadStart Summer Programme, our partners at Gazebo Theatre have put on a wonderful programme for young people aged 10-16 who are residents of Bilston East. These sessions are FREE and will be running from the 30th July - 31st August 2018.

On Wednesday 1st August I went along to Bilston Town Hall to see how well the sessions are helping the young people. On this specific day they were taking a trip to Go Kidz Go!

My first day here I was really shy and scared to talk to people but now I feel really happy.
— Lisa

The programme, called '5 Alive' is aiming to develop group cohesion and promote a healthy positive working environment. The outcomes of going to Go Kidz Go were that the young people would be taking risks, gaining confidence and tackling different environmental settings.

The activity gave loads of opportunities to bond with each other. They overcame fears by going down the slides etc. To get to Go Kidz Go we all travelled by tram, giving many young people the chance to travel this way for the first time. Doing this activity gave opportunities to get to know each other better and letting them be care free. Also, just letting them enjoy the time playing games e.g. tag and hide & seek. The young people came on leaps and bounds in confidence - they remembered each other’s names better, as well as forming more friendships.

I asked a few of the children what their thoughts were on the sessions, their favourite part of the sessions and what they feel they’ll be learning from 5 alive. Here are a few of their responses!

  • Sophie enjoys playing games like dodgeball as it’s teaching her to work together and participate as a team. Some things that she has learnt are: about online bullying and the consequences of it, if she was to make someone feel at threat. I asked Sophie what she would do if it were to happen to her and her response was “If it was happening to me, report it to Childline or a teacher or adult“. She also learnt how to stay out of trouble and steer herself away from bad crowds. Sophie has anger issues and feels like it has helped her contain them to stay calm.
  • Ryan also enjoyed the games that Headstart and Gazebo has put on for them - he especially enjoys volleyball. His favourite time of the day is free time as he gets to interact and play with friends which makes his confidence skyrocket. He has met loads of new friends, without these sessions he feels his school holidays would have been boring but 5 Alive has added fun and excitement. His confidence is improving and so is his ability in group activities. He now has learnt how to behave is social settings. Gazebo have taught him how to play volleyball. Ryan said he enjoyed it loads and glad he came.
  • Lisa agrees that the thing she mainly enjoys are playing games with friends, before she started '5 Alive' she knew Ryan but has found one new friend. Lisa feels the main thing she’ll be getting out of these sessions is making new friends. “my first day here I was really shy and scared to talk to people but now I feel really happy”. 

By Ellie Jackson, HeadStart Apprentice