The Headstart Wolverhampton
Co-production toolkit

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From the introduction:

Welcome to The Headstart Wolverhampton toolkit for co-production. Lots of different people have contributed their ideas and experiences to it. We think that this process (which is in itself co-production!) has made it richer, more interesting and relevant. We hope you agree.

The development of the toolkit has been led by Sunita Pallan-Jhalli, HeadStart Wolverhampton Senior HeadStart Young People Engagement Coordinator, and the HeadStart Young People’s Engagement (HYPE) team. Emerson Morris, one of the HYPE team apprentices, took the photos.

Our young HeadStart Ambassadors and many other young people involved in our co-production have also contributed their own views about what good co-production is, bringing the value of co-production to life.

We have worked with Anne Rathbone from Boingboing Resilience CIC (, and University of Brighton Centre of Resilience for Social Justice ( Anne has aligned the toolkit with the theory and evidence around co-production with young people for resilience, mental health and wellbeing. We have used some of the ideas and materials from Boingboing’s co-production resources, and so, if you know Boingboing, you may find some bits familiar.

What is co-production? A video from Headstart Wolverhampton


You can reproduce parts of this toolkit with permission, but please reference it as follows:

Anne Rathbone, Sunita Pallan-Jhalli, Francesca Turner, Hansa Clay, Raymond Codner, Tara Bourne, Samantha Gregory, Emerson Morris (2018). All together now: a toolkit for co-production with young people for use by Wolverhampton service providers, commissioners and schools. 

Corresponding author: Anne Rathbone, Boingboing Resilience CIC and University of Brighton Centre of Resilience for Social Justice. Email: