Mental Health Awareness Week 2018: what we've learned for young people and parents, and how HeadStart is working to make a difference

May 14th to May 20th 2018 was Mental Health Awareness Week, with its theme this year of 'Stress: Are We Coping?'. The HeadStart team, and our commissioned providers around the city, have been working with, and listening to, young people, parents and carers, about their experiences of stress, what causes it, how it impacts upon their lives and those of their families, and what strategies and approaches they've found which improve things for themselves.

At the foot of this page, you can find a wide range of links to media, news, podcasts and NewsHounds content from Mental Health Awareness Week, but we thought we'd like to share a few insights that we've learned from listening to members of the Wolverhampton community this week. We're 

1. The causes of stress are many and varied:

At our popup shop last Saturday, we asked people about what caused them stress, how they deal with it, and for personal thanks to the people in their lives who had helped them through difficult or stressful times. Here is what some of them said: 

Common causes of stress, as you might expect, were, for adults, family issues, work stresses and financial issues.

The popup shop

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