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The HeadStart Programme for January to April from Big Venture Centre

  • Big Venture Centre Chesterton Road Wolverhampton, England, WV10 8SP United Kingdom (map)

Big Venture Centre: Headstart Activity Programme, January to April 2019

Build confidence, new skills, resilience and wellbeing, through these fantastic activities! For young people and families living in the following areas:

  • Low Hill

  • Scotlands

  • Bushbury South

Please note that young people will need to be booked on to all activities and a consent form will need to be completed. For more information and to book places, please ring 07866 658983

Weekly Timetable below:

Mondays, starting Monday 21st January

Session 1: Drop in session from 10.00am till 3.00pm for Parents where they can:

  • discover and learn about cooking healthy food on a budget

  • managing their finances, savvy shopping techniques

  • participate in Art and Crafts workshops

  • make friends and socialise and have fun !!!

  • Undertake Food safety and hygiene course level 1 and 2

Includes β€˜Dance yourself happy’ sessions 11.00am till 12.00 noon. Young children up to 5 years of age will be catered for all in a fun relaxed non-judgemental environment.

Session 2: Flourishing Parents and families session, 3:30pm to 5:30pm

Parents can either bring their children back to the centre to eat what they have cooked during the day or parents not attending the session during the daytime can bring children to the centre straight after school for a family meal sitting around the table where they can build family bonds and young people can get assistance through homework club, and receive talks from outside facilitators on bullying, self-harm, eating disorders, peer pressure, or just simply relax and play board games and more.

Please note: parents not attending the day session will need to book on to enable meals to be catered for.

Session 3: Drama sessions - 5.30pm till 7.30pm


Crafts in the CafΓ©  sessions 3.30pm till 5.00pm

Wednesdays, starting Wednesday 30th January

Session 1: Parent session, from 10.00am throughout the day

Representatives from Wton Homes, Credit union, Access 2 Business, Black Country Impact, Community Social services, etc will be available for parents to access support if they are experiencing issues.

Session 2: Femtinos Sessions, 4.00pm till 6.00pm 

Young people will have the opportunity to have fun whilst they discover, learn, explore and interact in science . The sessions will include exploring SPACE through hands on creative learning and cover topics including:

● The Universe & Galaxies ● How did the universe begin? What does it contain? ● Learn about current theories ● What does our galaxy smell like? ● Explore the shapes of galaxies through crafts

Space Travel ● How do astronauts poo in space? ● What is space food like? ● What do astronauts drink? ● Design a rocket to launch into space 

● Moonlanding ● Timeline of moonlanding ● Exploring the moon ● Craters & space rocks  Exoplanets ● Exploring our solar system ● What’s an exoplanet? ● Is there Alien life? ● Designing our own exoplanet 

● The Life of a Star ● Stages of stars ● Chemical reactions within a star ● Black holes



with Daryl Chambers from Impower, 4.00pm till 5.00pm

Saturdays starting 26th January

β€˜Wanna be a Star?’ sessions

Voice coaching and music) with professional musician  Ed Davies and members of RML rock school, 10.00am till 12.00 noon