Frequently Asked Questions

Please read and refer to the correct Operational Guide before accessing the useful resources – it is essential all documents and surveys are completed accurately

Q1. What is meant by ‘Your child has been selected for/is taking part in a HeadStart Intervention’

A. In some cases particular groups are being selected to work with HeadStart that might otherwise not take part, for example, particular underrepresented groups of young people such as new arrivals in the city. In most cases the "is taking part" option will apply.

Q2. Why do you need access to the following ‘information held about your child by their school or local authority’

A. To see whether HeadStart has an effect on school performance for example we need to be able to link participation in HeadStart to school performance statistics. This will be done anonymously and at no point will children be identifiable.

 Q3. What will the data you collect be used for?

A. It will be used to track who has participated in HeadStart activities in which areas and then to see if this has had an impact on a range of indicators of wellbeing in that area compared to other areas in the city and the city overall 

 Q4. Who are the people collecting the information and how are they qualified to do so?

A. The data is collated and analysed by the council's data officers and for research purposes by University of Wolverhampton research team all of whom are qualified and experienced researchers to PhD level. 

The research has also been approved by the research ethics committee of the Faculty of Education Health and Wellbeing of the University of Wolverhampton.

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