GP Consultation Questionnaire: October / November 2015

HeadStart is a £75m Big Lottery funded programme in Wolverhampton and 11 other areas in England from Cumbria to Cornwall with an overall aim to improve the emotional and mental well-being of children and young people aged 10-16

In Wolverhampton, this is being delivered through a series of pilot projects in schools and communities, working with young people directly, their parents and families, and with the workforce, in order to increase awareness of mental ill-health, resilience, break the stigma, and provide increased social networks and support systems around young people and their families, in partnership with organisations across health, education and social care. 

HeadStart is also acting as a catalyst for the transformation of the prevention and early intervention agenda of the traditional Tiers 1 and 2 of CAMHS, within an overall transformation plan for reforming the entire CAMHS system, in partnership with the local authority and the Clinical Commissioning Group.

HeadStart Wolverhampton must present it proposals for Stage 3 HeadStart funding for up to £10m to Big Lottery in February, and is currently engaged in a wide range of consultation activities and Task & Finish Groups in order to ensure that the widest possible range of partners have had the opportunity to contribute to the debate and the proposals. 

The following definitions of CAMHS Tiers 1 and 2 are provided to support completion of the questionnaire:

CAMHS Tier 1

Service provision at this level is provided by practitioners who are not mental health specialists working in and with universal services such as GPs, health visitors, school nurses, schools and teachers, social workers, youth justice workers and voluntary sector groups and agencies.

Practitioners will offer general advice, support and treatment for less severe problems, offer mental health promotion advice and support including parental advice and provide early identification of mental health difficulties providingearly referral to more specialist services as required.

CAMHS Tier 2

Service provision at this level is provided by CAMHS practitioners working in community and primary care settings (they may also work as part of / within CAMHS Tier 3 services). For example, this can include primary mental health workers, psychologists and counsellors working in GP practices, paediatric clinics, schools and youth services.

In addition to offering counselling advice and support CAMHS Practitioners at Tier 2 may also offer consultation to families and other practitioners, assessment to identify severe or complex needs which require referral to more specialist interventions, and training to practitioners at Tier 1.

CAMHS Tier 3

Service provision at this level is provided by Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust CAMHS practitioners working within a multi-disciplinary team or service providing a specialised service for children and young people with more severe, complex and enduring mental health difficulties. 

CAMHS Tier 3 is outside the scope of HeadStart.


This questionnaire is not a service review of current provision and current providers. It is designed to provide GPs with an opportunity to contribute to the design of a new system of prevention and early intervention. The analysis will be in aggregated format and will not identify any individual responses.

Please comment on the following draft proposals for a new system of prevention and early intervention to support young people experiencing issues which affect their emotional or mental health, and heir families:

If you have any questions and/or would like to be further involved in HeadStart please contact: Kevin Pace, HeadStart Programme Manager: