Talking to Grief: A poem from Heath Park HeadStarter, Uzair

One of our Heath Park HeadStarters, Uzair, has written an astonishing, moving poem titled 'Talking to Grief'. The poem reflects on his feelings following the death of a childhood friend in Pakistan. Thank you so much to Uzair for sharing his poem with us.

Tell my grieving heart, how do I live now?
Agonisingly alone, aloof, shattered,
Longing for the me ‘before’, who could keep sadness brief and distant, Instead of intense and constant.
Now I know you are here to stay.
Grieving heart, I’m reminded everyday
To live fully through.
Oh Grief, I need you to be kind and gentle.
Give me strength to allow you to roam through my being.
Ignite the fires of memories for each to provide a cushion,
For the sadness that will always be.
— Uzair Qais