HeadStart Digital

Our digital approach is far-reaching, innovative and aspirational and has three fundamental themes:

1. Young people and digitally resilient and digitally savvy

2. Parents are digitally aware and digitally confident

3. Professionals are digitally skilled and digitally positive

Digital environments and devices are at the heart of young people's lives and for many of them the digital aspects of their lives are indistinguishable from the non-digital. Young people rely on technology to develop their identities and to socialise with one another. Technology should play a positive, productive and creative role in the development and social participation of young people in the 21st Century.



This program is built around developing the resilience within young people to be able to better combat life events in a better way following the Sumo guidelines.




The e-Quipped program allows teachers and students to become more online safety aware.

This includes work within schools as well as online courses that have acreditation.



The 4YP radio is a radio broadcast for young people by young people. These shows will explore various issues facing young people today.


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