'Looking okay and feeling OK are two different things' - a blog post by Cristina, HeadStart Ambassador

Cristina, one of our amazing HeadStart Ambassadors, has written a thoughtful blog post to her own blog at www.crissyleigh.com. In the post, she reflects on the ways that people respond to mental health challenges:

crissy post.png
Having an invisible illness is literally one of the most infuriating things to explain. If it can’t be seen then you get some people who try and say :

- You don’t look ill
- You don’t have anything to be anxious about
- You can’t be in that much pain, you’re always running about, laughing and joking
— Cristina, HeadStart Ambassador

Read the full post at https://crissyleigh.com/2017/10/03/looking-okay-and-feeling-okay-are-two-different-things.

Cristina, along with Hannah and Megan, was one of the brilliant compères for the HeadStart Wolverhampton Autumn Conference last Tuesday.