The HeadStart Jukebox


The HeadStart JukeBox is a set of 'feel-good' or special songs that have been shared with us by HeadStart followers on FaceBook or Twitter 

They could be songs that gives people a lift on a difficult day, or songs that reminds them of a happy event, or a song where the lyrics have a special meaning.

All types of music allowed ... watch out for those explicit lyrics though! (We are a family-friendly service after all ...)

Share your favourites in the comments to this FaceBook post, or reply to us on Twitter. Maybe tell us a little about why they are special for you, and we'll combine together your choices and share them. Who knows ... you might even discover some great new music!

When you respond to us, if you can share a link to the song on YouTube or Spotify, even better!

The HeadStart JukeBox on Spotify

The HeadStart JukeBox on YouTube

Click onto the playlist button (top left of the player) to navigate through the songs!