An interview with Paul McGee, The SUMO Guy

To coincide with the announcement that The Big Lottery Fund have awarded HeadStart Wolverhampton £8.8m of additional funding, I had the pleasure last week of chatting on Skype to Paul McGee, aka The SUMO Guy.

Paul's SUMO programme (Stop, Understand, Move On) has provided critical concepts for HeadStart's school programmes in the city. For more information, look at the 'School Programmes' section of our bid announcement page.

Topics in the conversation included:

  • Why SUMO works for young people
  • How catchphrases help us to communicate difficult ideas in simple ways
  • Paul's experiences of working with Wolverhampton HeadStart
  • Thoughts and ideas for the future of SUMO with young people within Wolverhampton and beyond

You can listen to the show or download it below:

Many thanks to Paul for finding the time to speak to us.