4YP Radio for Anti-bullying week at The Orchard Centre: Tia and Tommy


This week, 13th to 17th November, is anti-bullying week. Anti-bullying week, organised by The Anti-Bullying Alliance, encourages young people, schools, and professionals to discuss and act on the issue of bullying.

Last week, I visited The Orchard Centre to record conversations with four young people with direct experience of severe bullying in their primary or secondary schools before moving to the alternative, specialist provision at The Orchard. Earlier this week, I shared a conversation with Kai and Alice:

In this episode you can here a conversation with Kia and Tommy. The views they express in the conversation are their own. It's not an easy listen, but hearing about bullying in the words of young people themselves really drives home the life-changing impact that bullying has.

Huge thanks to the young people themselves, and to The Orchard Centre for organising the recording with their students.


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