Bullying and mental health - in conversation with Jodie Goodacre, Time to Change Young Champion

As part of our podcast theme for November of anti-bullying, I spoke last week to Jodie Goodacre. Jodie is one of Time To Change's Young Champions, young people with direct experience of mental health issues who work alongside the Time To Change team to break down the stigma around mental health. Jodie also posts to her own blog at www.justagirlinterrupted.com.

We are Time to Change, the growing social movement changing how we all think and act about mental health. Still too many people are made to feel ashamed or isolated because they have a mental health problem but we’re here to change that.
— Time To Change

In our conversation, we discuss the impact of bullying upon mental health, the additional challenges resulting from cyberbullying, and how schools can work to support young people.

The podcast was recorded over the internet, so the audio is occasionally 'iffy', but Jodie's insights, borne of direct experience of working with vulnerable young people in the community, are both thoughtful and thought-provoking. We hope you enjoy listening to the show.

Jodie Goodacre

Jodie Goodacre

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