4YP Radio: in conversation with Callum and William at the Braybrook Centre

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In the latest episode of the 4YP Radio show, I speak to Callum and William, two Year 9 students at the Braybrook Centre. Braybrook is the Key Stage 3 Pupil Referral Unit for Wolverhampton for young people with social and behavioural difficulties, and caters for students who are at risk of, or have been, permanently excluded from mainstream education.

In our conversation, we discuss Callum and William's experience in school, and how the Braybrook are supporting them in improving their educational attainment, personal development and future aspirations.

I hope you find the show to be an interesting and thought-provoking listen. Huge thanks to Callum and William, and to Mr. Playford and Mrs. Evans at the Braybrook for organising and supporting the recording session.