Episode 26 - 'Fitting in, and Relationship Stresses' from Moreton School

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Show notes


In this episode of the HeadStart Wolverhampton podcast, we're back at Moreton School. Tyler and Natasha from Year 8, and Lucy and Kameron from Year 9, are in charge of the mics in this episode and share their thoughts and ideas with enthusiasm, insight, and good humour!

The podcast was recorded at the end of last week in preparation for the Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 theme of "Stress: Are We Coping?" and explores themes including the challenges of 'fitting in', both online, and in school with peers, and the stresses caused by friendships and relationships with parents.

Huge thanks to Kameron, Lucy, Tyler and Natasha for doing such a great job of presenting the show, and for sharing their thoughts and ideas with our podcast audience. As always, please submit comments and feedback using the form below, or via Twitter @HeadStartFM.

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