Episode 29: 'A SUMO Special' from Trinity CE Primary

Listen below

In this episode of the HeadStart podcast, we're back at Trinity CE Primary school for a 'SUMO Special'. SUMO stands for 'Stop, Understand, Move On' and is a set of strategies created and explained by author and speaker Paul McGee in his book of the same name. Megan, Adi and Olivia from Year 5 and Year 6 at Trinity did a fantastic job of explaining the basics of SUMO. In the podcast, our young presenters explore the first four SUMO themes of:

  • Change Your T-Shirt

  • Fruity Thinking

  • Hippo Time Is OK

  • Remember The Beachball

Thanks to Mr. Nelson at Trinity CE Primary for organising the recording and to our three young presenters for being fantastic hosts!

SUMO Animations