Episode 32: In conversation with Jai Patel - Mental wellbeing, Dance, Hinduism and being LGBT in the Gujurati community

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The latest HeadStart podcast is an in-depth conversation with Jai Patel from Jaivant Patel Dance. Jai is a dancer, performer and choreographer, and a member of the Gujarati community in Wolverhampton. He is also an openly homosexual Hindu in a community where that is uncommon.

Topics in the conversation include:

  • Attitudes to mental health and to LGBT people in the Gujurati community and Hinduism

  • Dance and physical activity as tools for improving mental wellbeing and mental health

  • How re-engaging with the fundamental philosophies and ideas of Jai’s faith has supported him

Huge thanks to Jai for sharing his thoughts and ideas with HeadStart: we hope that you find the conversation to be both interesting and thought-provoking.

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