Episode 25: The 'Stress: are we coping?' podcast for Mental Health Awareness Week 2018, from Moreton School

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Show notes

In this episode of the HeadStart Wolverhampton podcast, we hand control of the mics over to four young people at Moreton School: Kyle and Amy from Year 9, and Millie and Libby from Year 8. Their podcast explores the topic of stress, which is the theme of Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 from the 14th to 20th May, under the provocative question "Stress: Are We Coping?".

In the podcast, our teenage presenters explore questions such as:

  • What is stress?
  • Is stress normal?
  • What causes stress for young people?
  • When does it become a problem, and what are possible consequences?
  • What can we do to help ourselves?
I was really nervous when we began to record the podcast, but as we went on, I became much more confident. I found it really helpful to talk about the issues.
— Millie, Year 8

Huge thanks to Kyle, Amy, Millie and Libby for doing such a great job of presenting the show, and for sharing their thoughts and ideas with our podcast audience. As always, please submit comments and feedback using the form below, or via Twitter @HeadStartFM.

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Episode 24: ‘Exam success with less of the stress’ at Moreton Community School

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Show notes:

For the latest episode of the HeadStart podcast, I visited Moreton School in Wolverhampton. Moreton is one of the Wolverhampton secondary schools where the HeadStart team are working very closely with the young people and staff on a range of well-being programmes, including SUMO, HEROs, and our mini Ambassadors programme.

April is National Stress Awareness month, and the theme for Mental Health Awareness Week in May is ‘Stress: are we coping?’, so we decided to base our podcast around a common cause of stress in young people: taking exams.

The show is hosted by Curstan and Mackenzie from Y8 at Moreton,  and by Carmen and Hannah from Year 9. Thanks to them all for doing such a brilliant job!