Meet the HYPE Team

The HeadStart Young People Engagement Team (The HYPE Team) aim to raise the aspiration of young people across the city aged 10-16 years old by building resilience and increasing the awareness of mental health and other related issues. The HYPE team work within the four geographical areas of HeadStart Wolverhampton in both schools and communities and also work with delivering national and local awareness city wide. 

They aim to reduce stigma by building confidence and raising awareness around mental health. The HYPE Team do this through the extensive group work in and out of the schools, within the four key HeadStart geographical areas in the city. The HYPE Team deliver tailored programmes to young people, including ASDAN accredited work, and peer support programmes.

The HYPE Team have a presence at most Headstart Events in schools and around the community, and lead or support various groups: Street Headstarters, B-SAFE and Headstart Ambassadors, being examples. They encourage young people to participate in off-site activities and overnight residentials, giving young people the opportunity to overcome fears and barriers, and to share experiences with their peers.


Sunita Pallan-Jhalli, Senior HYPE Coordinator

Hi I am Sunita. I lead the youth engagement team for HeadStart! 'Young People at the Centre is a principle which is deeply embedded in everything I do. I have been working with young people for over 15 years and I have gone from being a youth worker to now managing staff to do a similar role. I am very passionate about working in co-production with young people by guiding, leading and inspiring them to have positive outcomes.
I am a vivacious person with a positive outlook to life. I enjoy being a mother to my two boys and every day is about creating memories and going on an amazing adventure.


Hansa Clay, HYPE Coordinator

Hi I’m Hansa, I’m one of the older members of the HYPE team…..but don’t look it!! When my hair is down it looks like I have a lions mane!

Me and my husband are parents to two fabulous kids and as a family we do lots of wonderful things together, our most favourite thing to do is travel the world and see what it has to offer.

I’m a very upbeat positive person and my glass is always half full.

I love my job at HeadStart and being part of a happy team. I really enjoy meeting young people listening to their life story’s and helping them to find their full potential and having a positive impact on the young people mental elf lol xx

Sam Gregory, HYPE Coordinator

Hiya my names Sam. Im a dreamer and a thinker with my head in the clouds and my heart firmly grounded. Im a keen traveller always ticking off that bucket list just call me Dora the explorer! I love food like the rest of the HYPE team hence the names of my beloved Jack Russel’s; Frankie & Bennie. I should be a personal shopper in my spare time I’m as savvy as they come so if you need a bargain im your women!


Tara Bourne, HYPE Coordinator

Hi I’m Tara, I’m the little loud one in the team you will usually hear me before you see me. You’ll often find me chatting, laughing or shovelling raspberries into my mouth…you see I’m a bit of a eating machine!  I enjoy nothing more than jumping in my car and driving on a long journey singing along to a good old classic tune…Mariah Carey has nothing on me! But what really makes me smile most is spending time with family and friends. I love being part of the Headstart team meeting new people and helping making a difference to young people lives.