Watch now! Fantastic Newshounds videos share the impact of a HeadStart Summer of wellbeing, fun and friendship

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The HeadStart Summer 2018 programme was a great success, supporting the emotional wellbeing of young people and families through free activities which boosted confidence, encouraged teamwork and developed new skills.

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Activities focussed on our four HeadStart target areas:

  • Low Hill, The Scotlands and Bushbury South, where the main programme was led by our partners WV10 Consortium

  • Springfield, Heath Town, Old Heath and Eastfield, in partnership with Black Country YMCA

  • Bilston East, in partnership with Gazebo Theatre

  • All Saints, Blakenhall, Parkfields, and Ettingshall, in partnership with Black Country YMCA

There were lots of other HeadStart-funded activities too, organised through a range of wonderful voluntary sector organisations, and all shared with young people and parents through our ‘What’s On’ guide and our FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram pages, as well as through posters, flyers and

Now, thanks to the amazing HeadStart Newshounds media team, we can share some fantastic videos from the summer programme, showcasing just a few of the activities that took place, and speaking to the young people, parents and families about the impact that participating this summer had for them!

… so sit back and enjoy the videos and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great content from HeadStart Wolverhampton. Want to watch the videos one after the other? Here’s a YouTube playlist that contains them all.

#HeadStartSummer with the HeadStart Newshounds

Low Hill, Scotlands and Bushbury South

Heath Town, Park Village, Eastfield, Springfield and Old Heath

Bilston East

All Saints, Blakenhall, Parkfields and Ettingshall

Colton Hills HeadStart mini Ambassadors and HeadStarters provide support and guidance to new Year 7

The transition from primary to secondary school is a big deal for any young person. Year 6 pupils are the oldest and ‘wisest’ in their primary school. They might have been together with classmates since Reception, growing up together, making friends, falling out, and making friends again. Each day, they’ve spent most of their time in a single classroom, with known and familiar routines. They know and understand how primary school works.

Then, on the flip side of a long six week holiday, all that changes ...
— from 'Smoothing the transition. 17 ideas for parents and carers supporting young people', a blog post from HeadStart Wolverhampton for #MovingOnUp

Our Year 8 HeadStart mini Ambassadors and HeadStarters at Colton Hills knew the challenges of moving up to secondary school; they had experienced the transition just a year before!

They wanted to put a programme in place to support the new Year 7 students, and worked with the HeadStart Young Person Engagement and Schools teams to co-produce and deliver a programme of support activities and discussion.


Listen to Esha, one of the HeadStart Ambassadors describing the work of mini Ambassaors and what they’re trying to achieve in the transition programme:

Following a day of workshops and training last Thursday, 6th February, the young people led a series of workshops for the new Year 7s on Friday, introducing them to key HeadStart ideas, and working with them on discussions based on ‘The Needs Mat’ and ‘The Feelings Ball’, and team-building activities like the Lilly Pads.

Chris, one of the Activity Facilitators for Black Country YMCA, introduced the new Year 7s to the HeadStart community programme for All Saints, Blakenhall, Parkfields and Ettingshall, and encouraged the students to get involved and to share ideas and feedback to drive the development of new activities in the area.

The sessions were a great success as part of Colton Hills’ wider programme to support transition, and a wonderful example of co-production in action.

Hansa, HeadStart Young Person Engagement Coordinator, introduces the programme:


Image gallery

More photos and video from a fantastic #HeadStartSummer

Well, the summer holidays flew by!

There's been so much happening around the city as part of our HeadStart Summer Programme #HeadStartSummer, with our commissioned providers and HeadStart staff leading and supporting programmes and activities around all four of our target areas in the city. A huge thanks from everyone at HeadStart to the young people, families and professionals who have been working together to build resilience and wellbeing.

The HeadStart programme continues into the new term, with updated timetables coming soon, so don't forget to check the 'What's On?' guide for the latest.

Here are a few more photos and video clips from events! (Click onto image thumbnails to see full-size).

Dhol Drumming at The Old School (All Saints, Blakenhall, Parkfields and Ettingshall)

Low Hill WV10 Celebration Events (Low Hill, Scotlands and Bushbury South)

Eastfield Community Fun Day (Heath Town, Park Village, Eastfield, Springfield and Old Heath)

The HeadStart Residential at Condover Hall with the B-Safe Team, Youth Council, Children in Care Council

Creative arts for wellbeing in Low Hill, Scotlands and Bushbury South: a write-up from Real Arts Workshops

Real Arts Workshops (RAW) are all about giving people a creative voice. That is achieved through providing a platform for people to use the Arts to express themselves; break down barriers; build confidence; encourage team work; have fun; try something new and learn new skills.

As part of the HeadStart programme, we wanted our activities to support and reflect the work that HeadStart does to support the mental wellbeing of young people, so we designed a varied programme which included designing and painting ‘Honesty Portraits’ – painting on plain masks which are mounted onto canvas which enable self-expression; designing ‘5 ways to wellbeing’ posters; learning basic sign language (BSL) and Deaf awareness; and making a video of BSL to a HeadStart song. Young people also created a ‘Tree of Hope’, decorated with print-outs of artwork they’d created, ‘wish tags’ - written tags about a wish they have for the world - and drawings and statements about their hopes and aspirations for the future.

We have been very pleased with the work created and hope that the young people have achieved something they will feel proud of and remember for years to come.

by Alex Vann and Gary O’Dowd, Real Arts Workshops

Some examples of the artwork produced by young people:

The HeadStart Summer 2018 Song with British Sign Language:

Feedback from Real Arts Workshops at Low Hill Community Centre:

‘I like doing art because I don’t get to do painting at home’ (Corey)

‘I found it really fun because I can finally have a chance to paint to my full potential’ (Theo)

‘I really enjoyed the art session’ (Isabelle)

‘It’s really good and I enjoyed learning sign language’ (Brinley)

‘It’s really fun to try new things and make friends, and understand what art is all about’ (Nnedimma)

‘I found it really interesting – learning sign language and about blind and deaf people. It was good creating the images for the posters.’ (Emma)

‘I enjoyed all of it. I was kind of nervous seeing myself on the video (doing sign language to the HeadStart song) but my confidence is growing.’ (Keira)

‘I enjoyed the art – I’ve always done art and love to express myself that way’ (Demi)

From workshops at Big Venture:

‘This was the messiest art work we’ve done!’ (Cofi)

‘Mine is about anti-bullying’ (Madison)

‘My painting shows good things at the top and bad at the bottom’ (Lexi)

‘I felt happy’ (Nicole)

Photo Gallery: 'It's a Knockout' at Ormiston South Wolverhampton and Bilston Academy

Here are some photos from the competition for young people at It's a Knockout held this afternoon at Ormiston South Wolverhampton Bilston Academy. The event was part-funded by HeadStart in collaboration with Talent Match Black Country, and brought together contestants of all ages to socialise and have fun.

A great afternoon of team-building and community spirit in Bilston!

(Click onto the thumbnails to see larger versions)