SUMO Training for Local Professionals

On 26 November 2014 a group of over 100 local professionals were introduced to The SUMO Programme. Participants included psychologists, nurses, police officers, PCSOs, teachers, headteachers, voluntary/community sector workers, youth workers and more.

SUMO originally stood for 'Shut Up, Move On', but was adapted for schools to stand for 'Stop, Understand, Move On'. SUMO will be implemented in schools across Wolverhampton as a key part of HeadStart's strategy to support resilience in young people. You can find out more about SUMO at our dedicated page.

Introduction to SUMO with Paul McGee

We were very fortunate to have SUMO founder/author Paul McGee on the day to speak about the origins of the concept and the book, as well as give an overview of some of the key principles, such as 'Remember the Beachball' and 'Change your T-Shirt'. 

Flavour of the day video with Paul McGee 

Photo gallery with Paul McGee

SUMO 4 Schools with David Hill

David Hill introduced the group to SUMO 4 Schools, which takes the core concepts of SUMO and adapts them in suitable ways for young people. David took the group through activities and exercises to demonstrate various ways of illustrating the principles in schools.

Photo gallery with David Hill