UK Youth Parliament debate youth mental health

On Thursday, members of the UK Youth Parliament, including two of our wonderful Wolverhampton representatives, Emma Curran and Darram Kooner, debated youth mental health as part of UKYP sittings at The Houses of Parliament. 

Prior to the debate, Emma and Darram had been briefed directly by HeadStart Programme Manager Kevin Pace about the progress of HeadStart, the challenges which lie ahead, and plans for HeadStart's Stage 3 efforts and CAMHS Transformation.

From the UKYP website:

Mental health service should be improved with our help, according to the UK Youth Parliament, which has chosen mental health as the UKYP’s priority campaign for England in 2015.

Mental health became the priority campaign after securing 167 votes against better work experience’s 117 during the UK Youth Parliament’s House of Commons Sitting in November 2014. A total of 285 Members of Youth Parliament aged 11-18 took part in the debates, the subjects for which were voted for by over 875,000 young people across the UK.

Note: an earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that Wolverhampton's 3rd MYP, Kashmire Hawker, had participated in the debate. Many thanks to Kashmire for pointing out the error. (He wishes he had been there, but wasn't!)