Creating a resilience song with Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School

Working with staff from The Switch Project, a group of 15 children from Holy Trinity worked to create a song around around resilience! The session took place on 28th January 2015.

Fifteen children were selected to take part. They listened to several backing tracks and selected/voted for their favourite. They worked in groups to write the lyrics to the verses and chorus, discussing a range of resilience topics before chose bullying and the importance of friendship as the theme of their song.

They then noted any rhyming words around the chosen theme. Using these words, they created their portion of the song. They then decided how these lyrics fitted the backing track and practiced for a while until they were happy with how it sounded. Each singer then recorded their individual lines and the group then recorded the chorus. They listened excitedly to the rough cut version at the end of the day!

Here is the fully mastered mix:

... and here is a gallery of images from the session.