Announcing our 12 funded projects around resilience

After a novel bidding process that involved the use of our HeadStarters as Dragons on judging panels, HeadStart Wolverhampton is pleased to formally announce our 12 funded projects, which spread across our strands to support resilience in young people in a variety of innovative ways. 

We had so many great applications that we decided to make savings elsewhere in order to increase the number of projects we could support. Keep an eye on our strands pages and on our social media accounts for regular updates from these projects. 

Funded projects in our 'Disengaged' strand

High 5

Partner: Re-entry
This project will aims to see young people overcome the significant challenges in their lives and flourish, feeling positive about themselves, their relationships with other and their futures. The project will reach some of the city's most vulnerable young people outside of mainstream education and disengaged from 'normal' channels of support and advice.

Addressing Trauma in building resilience

Partner: Changing Lives
Working with girls between the ages of 10-14 who are disengaged,this project aims to address trauma and the consequences of trauma, improve emotional resilience and ability to cope with day to day challenges, address challenges behaviour patterns linked to traumas remove barriers to engagement.

Youth Inclusion Support Panel

Partner: Youth Offending Team
Working with vulnerable young people identified as being on the entry point of Youth Justice system, this project will use various mechanisms to build resilience and coping mechanisms in order to avoid this behaviour escalating, reducing first time entrants into the Youth Justice system.

Making it Better

Partner: X2Y - LGBT
This project will build resilience in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) young people and increase awareness of X2Y youth group.  engage young people in developing resources that will increase self efficacy and reduce risk for LGBT young people in the future.

Funded in our 'Parents' strand

Parent and Carers Drama and Creative art therapy Programme

Partner: Gazebo
This project helps parent and carers to understand the things that impact upon a child's resilience, and to affect positive change in their own interactions and relationships, as well as to build parents/carers own resilience, which in turn will have positive impact upon children's resilience and behaviour.

Creative Parent Support Group

Partner: Wolverhampton Improving Futures
This project aims to build capacity, develop resilience and ultimately enable parents to better support their children and themselves. The project consists of eight 4-week programmes and a monthly support group, as well as eight 'green space' family sessions in school holidays.

SUMO 4 Parents

Partner: Edward the Elder school
This project builds on existing work with pupils using SUMO to develop emotional resiliency. The project brings SUMO to parents and carers from vulnerable families to develop their emotional resiliency, understand the SUMO principles and philosophy and understand the resilience work children are involved with at school.

Families at Re-entry support group

Partner: Re-entry
This project supports parents and carers to become more confident in their role and better equipped to support their child's development. Participants will learn techniques for coping with parenting and gain a greater awareness of influences on their own health and wellbeing, gaining an understanding of where to go for help and advice and widen their social circle.

Funded in our 'Place to Go' strand

Push Off

Partner: Wolverhampton Bike Shed
This project engages young people in positive activities based around bikes, providing a supportive framework that will help develop coping strategies, confidence and self esteem by working and learning from adult/peer mentors to become more resilient in coping with life, with an element of creativity around fixing bikes. 

Art Break Festival

Partner: Engagement Youth Empowerment Services (EYES)
This project promotes interest and participation in arts and crafts among children and young people. Additionally the festival raises awareness of and celebrates the artistic talents of young people and supports young performance. These activities reduce loneliness and isolation, promote diversity and showcase talents..

A Place to be me

Partner: Gazebo and Kuumba Arts
The aim of this project is to enable young people to develop the skills they need to manage difficult situations they experience or may come across as they grow up, supporting self-esteem, emotional resilience, a wider network of trusted adults and peers and better access to enjoyable activities that support their hopes, needs and aspirations.

Kic the blues

Partner: KicFM/Kicsters
This project engages young people in radio and media activities to improve their mental wellbeing, reduce isolation and enhance their future prospects through confidence building. Increase awareness of mental health issues and improved access to support through links to our partners.