Celebrating HeadStart Wolverhampton

Peer Supporters, Headstarters and The B-Safe Team come together on Tuesday 14th July 2015 to celebrate what young people across Wolverhampton have been doing.

The City’s children and young people have been trained through the HeadStart programmes and Peer Mentoring programmes on new skills to help them cope with situations that occur in their lives, and how to support other young people through The Penn Resilience Programme, SUMO Programme, Peer Mentoring, Buddying, Leadership, and by being Anti-Bullying Champions.

Currently we have trained over 2,000 young people from all over the City, in over 100 schools and organisations.

During the celebration there was an amazing performance by Gazebo Theatre company called the "The Super Powers Within Me". The play contained many messages for the young people including how to bounce back, coping with situations and relationships.

The young people received certificates and medals for working really hard over the past year at being Peer Mentors, Headstarters and B-Safe Team members. Their efforts are making Wolverhampton a safer place for all.

Feedback from guests

"Thanks for this and too for your exceptionally generous and kind hospitality today, I just wasn’t expecting an evening meal with the gang. A truly inspiring day and one I hope Kevin regrets having missed!!   The young people you provided were exceptional and very talented.  I think we produced one of my best pieces of live radio ever! Looking forward to some more, let’s chat next week, I hope you have a wonderful break and thanks again very much." 
Russell Prue

"I'd just like to say a massive thank you for today. We all had a great day and the kids loved every bit of it! They were keen to ask when the next event is, so I've promised them they can be a part of it and as soon as I know, they will. Really appreciate your kindness and support."
Liz Chater & team Coppice! 

"Once again the young people have come back buzzing from the celebration event thanks to you and the team for putting on these events as the young people feel rewarded for the work they do."

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