The 2015 HeadStarters' Residential - celebrating success and planning ahead with our HeadStart student leaders

HeadStart Wolverhampton is committed to the active involvement and co-production with our young people in all aspects of the programme. Our HeadStarters come from across the city, either through their schools or their youth/community groups, and have been involved at every stage of our programme. They were involved in consultation assemblies and graffiti walls in schools early last year, our 'Open Space' event to design our digital technology programme in schools, and in decision making about pilot funding as part of the 'Dragons'. From September, they will be supporting with our evaluation processes to establish what has worked well in HeadStart Wolverhampton, and what can be improved and how.

Our HeadStarters are very important and provide us with a direct link to young people, the issues they face, and the kind of support they require. Our job is to provide the HeadStarters with the right opportunities to lead us and guide us to ensure that our stage 3 bid next year is resolutely focussed around the perspectives of our young people, their families and their communities. 

As a reward, and to further enhance their team-working and ownership of HeadStart, the Headstarters attended a 3 day residential from Friday 3rd July until Sunday 5th July at Condover Hall in Shrewsbury.  Forty Headstarters attended the residential, where they participated in many outdoor pursuit activities, did some planning and evaluation on current HeadStart programmes, and plenty of future thinking for stage 3.

The residential was a great success. We are really proud of our HeadStarters and enjoy working with you all. We can't wait to push our HeadStarters programme forward once again in September.

The video below shows a few of the many highlights from the trip.