Young Person B-Safe Team Celebrate A Year of Success

Our young person B Safe team celebrated a highly successful 2016 at the Molineux on Tuesday night. Throughout the year, they have worked alongside the HeadStart team and the Safeguarding Board to debate and add their voice to decision-making in the city, co-producing materials for anti-bullying, internet safety and other campaigns, and contributing incredible ideas to the bidding process for phase 3 HeadStart funding.

The team enjoyed an evening of dancing and party games, and reviewed the year, including a video of their summer residential at Condover Hall. HeadStart staff members also had a great time, strutting their stuff in dance offs (some more expertly than others!) and competing in a song quiz.

Hansa Clay, a Youth Engagement Coordinator for HeadStart said “This was a celebration with the young people for all their hard work and commitment to the B-Safe team. We can’t wait to share what lies ahead with the team in 2017”.

If you are a young person aged 13-16 in Wolverhampton, and would like to join the B Safe team, we’ll be accepting new applications soon. Look out for information here on, on our Twitter account (, and on FaceBook (

The B Safe Team, and the whole of HeadStart Wolverhampton, would like to wish you a very Happy Christmas, and a wonderful 2017.