Watch Now: The Re-Entry High Five Project

A set of young people from Re-Entry and Moreton School participated in a 5 week programme looking at 5 topics over 5 sessions.

  • The focal points on Day 1 were the young people knowing themselves, exploring their feelings, thoughts and behaviours, and understanding their personal barriers.
  • Day 2 explored relationships and boundary setting using the ideology of a house with many different rooms.
  • Day 3 concentrated on the past, present and future, and explored your past can be used as a learning tool and doesn’t have to have a negative effect on your future.
  • Day 4 looked at the world around the young people, and looked at body language in preparation for going out onto the streets and offering High Fives to passers-by!
  • Day 5 was a celebration event and exhibition of all the hard work the young people had put in.

For more on the this fantastic project, watch the film below: