Mental Health Awareness Week - 15th May to 22nd May 2016

As part of an on-going commitment to tackling mental health stigma, suicide and discrimination, The City of Wolverhampton Council and HeadStart Wolverhampton are supporting Mental Health Awareness week. Taking place from 15th May to 22nd May, this is a week where everyone is encouraged to help raise awareness of mental health issues in the young people and adults around them.  Mental health problems affect 1 in 4 people every year, and 9 in 10 say they have faced negative treatment from others as a result. 80,000 young people in the UK suffer from severe depression, and up to 1 in 12 deliberately self harm.

The council is encouraging council staff and other organisations to take part and help raise greater awareness of mental health. It could be as simple as asking colleagues how they’re doing, wearing green for mental health or organising a project or event in support of the Mental Health Foundation. For further information, resources and tips please visit the Mental Health Awareness Week website.

A number of other activities have been arranged:

  • A wellbeing walk from the Civic Centre to West Park, open to all Council employees.
  • Placing mental health and dementia awareness information stands across council buildings and other workplaces.
  • Making use of our social media accounts to help raise awareness of mental health and promote our five ways to wellbeing throughout the week and engage in the Mental Health Foundation Thunderclap.

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Resources and badges for #MHAW2016

Mental Health facts (click to see at full-size)

Meanwhile, the work of HeadStart Wolverhampton continues, with in-school and community sessions supporting the mental health and resilience of young people all around the city.

Don't forget to check our ideas for the next phase of HeadStart in Wolverhampton - we have big plans to further expand and enhance our support of young people in our city.