Sumo Animators Workshop - 30th January 2017

As described here, the Media and Communications Team are working alongside young graduate and undergraduate animators to create a series of animations which reinforce the main principles of Sumo (Stop, Understand, Move On  - Sumo is one of the core elements in HeadStart programmes with schools, including a new HeadStart PSHE Curriculum that is currently under development in preparation for launch by September 2017.

The project is being managed with the University of Wolverhampton as part of their WXP scheme, which pays young, talented graduates and undergraduates to work alongside public and private sector organisations on real-world projects.

On Monday 30th January, the animators came together at HeadStart HQ to share their progress, and to finalise the scripting and timing of their animations.

Here is a montage of the storyboards, animatics (animated storyboards) and illustrations that have been created so far:

As you can see, the animators are making great progress in bringing together their completed animations! They are now heading back into their studio spaces to animate based on these storyboards, frame-by-frame, before sound and music are added, and the animations are finalised.