Getting Ahead Residential - Young people speak about mental health for Mental Health Awareness Week.

The Getting Ahead project, lead by HeadStart parter Wolverhampton Learning Technologies Team, is a programme designed to build the resilience, confidence and self-esteem of targeted young people from the HeadStart Universal+ age-range (10-12 year-olds). The programme mixes outdoor, residential, enterprise and community experiences, and makes use of innovative technologies, including blogging, digital badging, and geolocation technologies on mobile devices, to motivate the young people to achieve their personal goals and to reflect on their feelings and experiences.

Last week, 12 young people from Moreton School and Colton Hills Community School spent the week at the Towers Outdoor Education Centre, working with the Learning Technologies Team and the HeadStart Young Person Engagement Team on an intensive week of activities. We'll be sharing more information, photos and media from the residential soon, but here is a selection of photos from the week:

During the week, HeadStart Media and Comms apprentice Emerson sat down with two of the young people for a discussion, discussing mental health, bullying and their feelings about themselves and their personal goals. Thank you to the young people for speaking so openly and honestly on camera: