HeadStart Ambassadors share their visions of mental health

HeadStart Ambassadors are young people aged 16 to 25 years old who are working alongside the Young Person Engagement Team to develop and lead programmes which support younger peers in the HeadStart 10-16yo target age range.

As part of the interview process to become a HeadStart Ambassadors, applicants were asked to create a piece of media - a poster, presentation, piece of artwork, music or poetry - that communicates their vision of what mental health means to them.

One of our applicants, Dan, created this picture, which is based on the idea that many people shield themselves from the world with their own 'personal armour', deflecting attention or unwanted questions because of shame, embarrassment or an inability to articulate their feelings. Meanwhile, beneath the armour they may be really suffering, locking themselves away from the world.

We'll add images of some of the other media that HeadStart Ambassadors created soon. One piece of work was this wonderful HeadStart poem, by HeadStart Ambassador Hannah.