Young people evaluate HeadStart Centre applications at Community & YPEC Event

The first HeadStart Centre, for our Blakenhall / All Saints / Parkfields / Ettingshall target area, has already been established at the Bob Jones Centre, but we have been working hard in the other target areas (1. Heath Town Springfield / Park Village / Old Heath / Eastfield, 2. Bilston East and 3.  Low Hill / Bushbury / Scotlands) to establish HeadStart Centres there too.

On Tuesday, 25th April, the Community Development and Young Person Engagement teams hosted a joint event with young people to help us assess a set of applications from community locations in those areas to become new HeadStart Centres.  Young people from across the target areas were invited to view information and videos of each centre and score each using a set of criteria they had been trained to utilise. 

Community Development Coordinators were on hand to answer any questions about the locations and centres.

A decision has been made based on their input and will be announced early this week! Look out for further details on our site soon.