Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Young People tell it 'how it is' in audio interviews

Earlier this year, the HeadStart Media and Comms team, working alongside Stone's Throw Media, spent an afternoon with the X2Y Youth Group. X2Y is a support group for LGBT young people who meet every week at The Way. We recorded the young people discussing a wide range of issues, exploring themes such as:

  • Coming out as an LGBT young person
  • Bullying and the use (and abuse) of social media
  • The ways in which schools and school teachers support LGBT youngsters, and how schools, and teacher training might be improved.
  • The 'heteronormativity' of school curricula, including sexual and relationships education
  • The effect on mental health of struggling with sexuality or gender identity.

Snippets from these interviews are being creatively animated by Stone's Throw as a resource for schools, families and the community. However, while this time-consuming work is being completed, we wanted to share some of the audio snippets for Mental Health Awareness Week 2017.

Below are three audio sections, each based on a different topic. As you'll hear, the young people spoke eloquently, sometimes humorously, but always honestly, about their thoughts and experiences. We hope you enjoy listening - please share or link to this post if you think a young person or professional would benefit from hearing their thoughts.

Listen to the interview sections: