HYPE team raise mental health awareness with Wolverhampton Youth Council

Last night, as part of our work for Mental Health Awareness Week, Ray Codner and Amelia Chalak from the HYPE Team attended Wolverhampton Youth Council and lead an awareness raising session. As part of a wide-ranging discussion with the young people about supporting their emotional well-being and resilience, they were presented with Lego kits, and asked to express what mental health meant and looked like to them. They were also asked to build a service they felt would be appropriate for a young person to access if they were in need of support.

One group built a ladder with a character climbing up it; they said the character had depression and the ladder was never ending. They felt there were no blue skies or sunshine at the top of the ladder, and that's how depression can make you feel.

Another group made their service out of transparent pieces, as they feel a service should have a clear pathway, and be open and easily accessible to everyone.

The session was a great way to work with a group of highly-engaged and motivated young people to support their understanding of the issues that HeadStart is addressing in Wolverhampton for them, and for their peers.