Holy Trinity Catholic Primary showcase emotional well-being and resilience programmes for The Big Lottery Fund

The wonderful staff and pupils of Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School have been active partners and collaborators in the development of HeadStart over the last three years, both in the pilot phase, and in the development of our new phase 3 schools programme.

A range of well-being programmes and approaches have been embedded into the ethos and curriculum of the school, including ideas based on SUMO (Stop, Understand, Move On), THRIVE, and mindfulness. These changes have made a real difference to the lives of the young people in the school, and have been led by the Headteacher, Mrs. McNally, and by Ms. Evans, whose job title is 'Mental Health and Well-being Leader'.

On Thursday 1st June, Ellie De Decker and Felicity Bennett from The Big Lottery Fund visited the school for a showcase of the approaches that have made such a difference to the children and staff in the school.

Ellie and Felicity met a group of young people from the school (the children were giving up a day from their half-term holiday!) and discussed with them how the school helps them to understand their own feelings and supports them to help their peers when challenging circumstances arise at home or in school.

Ms Evans also showed Ellie and Felicity how the school makes use of practical activities - in this case using Lego Build to Express kits - to stimulate discussion and sharing between children about their feelings.

Following the visit to Holy Trinity, Ellie and Felicity met with a group of HeadStart Ambassadors, aged 16-25 and discussed with them their involvement in HeadStart. HeadStart Ambassadors are 'older' young people, who work alongside HeadStart staff to promote the aims of HeadStart in their younger counterparts.

Many thanks to the staff and children of Holy Trinity for welcoming us to their school during their holiday week, to our HeadStart Ambassadors, and to Ellie and Felicity for coming up to Wolverhampton to learn more about the aims and progress of the HeadStart schools and young person engagements programmes.