HeadStart Team head to London for #HeadStartLearning: a day of learning and sharing ... and a meeting with HRH The Duchess of Cambridge!

Additional details and photos added on 12th Jan.

During the #HeadStartLearning conference, a number of young people working with or for HeadStart Wolverhampton, including HeadStart Ambassadors Crissie and Hannah, Assistant Young Person Engagement Coordinator, Fran Turner, and HeadStart Marketing and Comms Apprentice, Emerson Morris, all met with Her Royal Highness The Duchess Of Cambridge to share with her their thoughts and experiences on supporting the mental well-being of their peers.

Her Royal Highness was so lovely, and so humble. She was really interested
in the work we do.
— Sunita Pallan-Jhalli, HeadStart Senior Young Person Engagement Coordinator

Head of Service, Kevin Pace, and Senior Young Person Engagement Coordinator Sunita Pallan Jhalli, also shared with The Duchess the learning that has come from the HeadStart Wolverhampton programme so far, and presented her with a framed copy of 'Bright', a poem written for HeadStart by Megan Williams, another of our Ambassadors.

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(Posted 11th Jan, 2018)

Today, young people and staff from HeadStart Wolverhampton and the City of Wolverhampton Council are down in London at Amnesty International HQ for the #HeadStartLearning conference: “Improving Young People’s Mental Resilience and Well-being: Learning from HeadStart”.

The conference, organised by Big Lottery and national evaluation partner the Anna Freud Centre for Children and Families, will showcase what has been learned so far through HeadStart work nationally, with contributions from HeadStart leads in the six partnerships (Blackpool, Cornwall, Hull, Newham, Kent, and, of course, Wolverhampton), including our Head of Service, Kevin Pace (@kevinpace7). A stellar cast of keynote speakers from academia, including  Dr. Jessice Deighton, Professor Michael Ungar, and Professor Neil Humphrey will also share their expertise and research findings with delegates.

In her keynote, Dr. Deighton will share initial findings from a survey of over 30,000 Year 7 and Year 9 students across all six HeadStart areas. You can view her team's report here:

Young people themselves, are, of course, at the centre of HeadStart, and young people from the six partnerships, including Crissie and Hannah, two of our HeadStart Ambassadors, will participate in a young person’s panel this afternoon.

Very excitingly, Francesca Turner, the youngest of the HeadStart Young Person Engagement Team, will co-compère the event. Congratulations Fran!

There is also a very special VIP in attendance! (Even more VIP than you, Fran, sorry ...). HRH The Duchess Of Cambridge is attending the conference.

Tweets from the event are being shared using the hashtag #HeadStartLearning, and will appear automatically below.

We’ll share more details and photos soon. 

Emerson. Fran and Tara begin their journey

Hannah and Crissie, HeadStart Ambassadors

Meeting the Duchess