'Mental Health' - a vlog by Aman


As part of the summer activities commissioned by HeadStart to Positive Participation Ltd, they ran a competition for young people to produce a video on mental health.

Aman was involved in the activities organised by Positive Participation Ltd, including undertaking work experience and helping out with the launch of the HeadStart Base at the Bob Jones Community Hub. Through his involvement, he heard about the competition and decided to put together a video on mental health which he researched and produced.

In his video, Aman shares his thoughts on good and bad mental health, and what young people can do to support themselves. He also shares his concerns about the stigma surrounding the sharing of feelings and mental health issues in the Punjabi community, and describes how Positive Participation are working in Wolverhampton to break down that stigma and support members of the Asian community in the city.

His video was judged as the best in the competition and he received first prize at a special ceremony organised to showcase his work. The prize was presented jointly by Mai Gibbons, Contracts Manager for HeadStart and Gurbax Kaur, Director of Positive Participation Ltd.

Watch Aman's great vlog below: