HYPE-ing it up to support young people in schools and the community: an update from the Young Person Engagement Team


Throughout January, we have been very busy delivering HEROs across the City.

Bantock Primary, Parkfields Primary, Loxdale Primary and Moreton School have now all completed their training. All the young people now have a much better understanding on how to work as a team, what empathy is and have ways to resolve conflict.

I’ve learned to trust my classmates even if I didn’t know them well
— Young Person, Moreton Community School

Westcroft are half way through their training, with the HYPE Team adapting the delivery to focus on what makes a good friend, as well as understanding their own, and others emotions.


The HEROs Plus Programme is now in its final stages or preparation, and we are all really keen to get the it launched within our schools!

Mini Ambassadors

HeadStart Area A (Low Hill, Scotlands and Bushbury South) and Area D (All Saints, Blakenhall, Parkfields and Ettingshall) have now recruited their mini ambassadors. Young People from Moreton got together on Thursday 18th Jan and discussed their area, and what they would like to see change. On Friday 19th, young people from Colton Hills attending interviews for their spot in Area D’s Mini Ambassadors, where nine were recruited. They came up with some fantastic ideas, about how they can work together to support their community.

Areas B (Heath Town, Park Village, Eastfield, Springfield and Old Heath) & Area C (Bilston East) are currently on the search for their Ambassadors – we look forward to meeting them all soon!

HYPE Programme

The HYPE Programme has begun in schools, with sessions starting in Moreton, Loxdale and Bilston C of E Primary. HYPE team members Hansa and Sam have also booked a residential for their HYPE young people, in their secondary schools. We are really looking forward to going to Towers at the end of February to really test the young people (and teams') resilience!


At the first B-Safe meeting of the year, the group met with Linda Saunders, the new Head of Safeguarding, where the young people and Linda put in strategies on how they would be working together, to make a difference.

The group then worked on their campaigns for Safer Internet Day 2018 on Feb. 6th.

They were also introduced to the 

At the next B-Safe session, the team will be joined by Di Shepherd, who will be talking to them about Knife Crime, and how they can raise awareness of the issue across the City, within their own communities.


On Thursday 11th January, members of the HYPE Team, and the Ambassadors Team travelled to London to be part of the #HeadStart Learning Conference.

Fran from HYPE co-compered the day, whilst Emerson led on the comms for the day, as well as Hannah and Cristina being stars in the young people’s panel.

Emerson, Fran, Hannah and Cristina all met with HRH The Duchess of Cambridge and shared their thoughts, as well as explaining what is going on in HeadStart Wolverhampton. Sunita and Tara were fantastic support on the day!


B-Safe and Ambassador Recruitment

Recruitment for both the B-Safe Team and the Ambassadors Team have now begun, with an interview date set for half term. We look forward to meeting some new faces, and having an injection of new ideas!

The HYPE Quote Wall:
what young people said


Moreton Community School

I learnt to trust my classmates even if I don’t know them well
Listen to my peers and to talk to more people easier
You have to work as a team even if it means doing stuff you don’t like
How to not jump to conclusions
To be positive rather than negative to solve problems easier
I’ve learnt I am quite sensitive and I can change my thinking
To be more relaxed, have a great day and laugh
To support my peer better when they are upset
Active listening is important
It’s good to be responsible
To take the other peoples feelings and show them how to change
Get to know people you don’t already know more
Not always to react straight away
To deal with things that aren’t going well
To communicate differently and have a great day
Everyone can have a different view

Elston Hall

I learnt how to work as a whole team
To respect one and other
To listen clearly
To cooperate
Help people have a friend to play with
Make sure no one feels left out
Have everyone feel safer
Talk at the right time
Be more confident
Stay out of trouble
Be proud of achievements
Be helpful
I will think twice about the situation I’m in!
Encourage and share more
Make the world better
Make the world better
I want to stop people being treated differently
I want to stop people being treated differently
Make sure everyone has a fair say
I will help people make the right choices
To see both perspectives

Trinity C of E

I learnt how to help people
I learnt how to see other peoples perspective
I enjoyed playing games
Today I learnt even if you have known people for years it doesn’t mean you really know them
Be able to mix with other people
I learned how to maybe calm situations down!
Everyone needs personal space
To trust someone you need to co-operate
How to trust someone
I learnt how you can work with people you don’t know so much
Everyone can have a different view


I learnt how to solve problems
I learn how to solve situations without making a big deal out of it
Other people’s emotions are as valuable as my own
I will understand people better
That we help people every time and every day
That you can work as a team, dealing with difficult emotions, active listening skills
People’s opinions matter and so do mine
I will always try to show my friends the good side of things
I have learnt that people have different perspectives and that even if they are different it doesn’t matter
Sharing, loving, caring, friendship, teamwork, fairness
How you treat others is what you get back
How to solve problems without upsetting anyone!
We have to respect others and be kind and if someone begins to not be you should say stop or walk
Share, responsibility, positive