Find out how these young people weathered the storm!

During the recent HeadStart trip to towers a lot of young peoples resilience was tested. This is snow joke. These young people in the gruelling conditions that “the Beast from the East” has brought with the mountainous terrain of wales could break even the toughest of young people. It was as cold as -3℃ in some parts of the day.

But despite the bitter conditions these young people managed to not only prevail the freezing cold but also had a lot of exciting adventurous at the same time. These young people despite having over half a foot of snow in some parts of wales, managed to go skying, climbing, zip wiring and do many other activities. 

1. Wrapping up warm

During the whole day in the bitter cold mountains these young people managed to combat the cold. Luckily lots of them prepared before hand for horrific conditions however a few young people forgot some key clothing items that were essential to keep warm. One was thick socks, a lot of these young people only brought regular cotton socks. However many of them used their inactive to use two socks to try and keep there feet warm. Luckily nobody’s feet fell off and the young people learned to always double check and prepare for the worst.

2. Overcoming fears!

Many young people had a lot of fears when it come to certain activities. One young person in particular found it very difficult to do the zip wire activity. Fearing that the rope might snap and leave them in the freezing water as the zip wire went across a pond. However despite having a major fear for heights managed to convince themselves to jump off and put some trust in the rope. Afterwards they felt rewarded and now know that sometimes being outside their comfort zone is a good thing.

3. Shoulder to shoulder


In these conditions a lot of young people felt tired and very cold. However all of the developed very strong bonds. This is because they all had to achieve the same if not very similar goals. Sometimes these young people had to work in a team but even when working as individuals managed to respect each other more. This taught them the importance of friendship and how working together can help achieve there own goals.


With a lot of young people today the idea of not having their phone is a living nightmare. However these young people managed to overcome this, socialising and communicating together in their spare time. Many of them playing pool, and drinking hot chocolate together. This goes to show how young people are willing to adapt to change when it comes to having no internet. 

5. One step further

The young people have had quiet a challenging few days whilst in towers. However through sheer determination have managed to overcome the obstacles that faced them during their time. Now moving on they should be able to use the skills they have learned during the trip in other areas of their life such as school, home and further in the future. This is the key skill they learned being able to adapt to their environment to make the best of the situation, this is what HeadStart is all about improving the resilience of young people in any situation they may face.