Mental Health Awareness Training: Supporting the understanding of mental health in professionals, the voluntary sector, and HeadStart Parent Ambassadors

On Friday, HeadStart organised the latest in a series of mental health awareness training sessions for educational professionals, voluntary sector organisations and HeadStart Parent Ambassadors.

Since HeadStart began to offer this training, sessions have been oversubscribed, with additional sessions being organised to meet demand!

The training was lead by Specialist Senior Educational Psychologist Dr. Nooreen Khan and Assistant Educational Psychologist Louise Parker, who brought their extensive experience to discussions.

The session gave attendees an overview of topics including:

  • The physiological, neurological and evolutionary basis of emotions, and the Fight / Flight / Freeze response
  • The threats to emotional wellbeing in young people, and the protective factors which operate to reduce their impact
  • Information on a wide range of common mental health issues for young people, including anger, anxiety, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, and eating disorders.

Attendees were encouraged to share and reflect upon their own experiences of working with young people and families.

Further training events of this type are planned for the future, so keep an eye on our website at and our social media feeds for information.