HeadStart supports "The Art of Emotional Well-being and Resilience" anti-bullying conference for Wolverhampton young people

Updated 19/07/18 with video footage of the event, courtesy of Aladdin's Education

On the morning of Friday 6th July 2018, HeadStart supported a wonderful conference at Wolverhampton Science Park, entitled "The Art of Emotional Well-being and Resilience". Over 100 young people and teachers from around the city attended the event, organised by Aladdin's Education in collaboration with HeadStart, PlanIT Global, and School of Coding.

The person you step on, on the way up, might be the same person you need as a friend on the way down
— Donald Brown

The event was opened by The Mayor Of Wolverhampton, Councillor Phil Page, and the keynote speaker at the event was renowned sculptor, international athlete and motivational speaker Donald Brown. Donald unveiled his astonishing sculpture 'A Sporting Chance for Peace', and used the amazing, intricate details of the sculpture as the context for a dynamic, engaging, and thoroughly entertaining discussion on the importance for young people of self-respect, compassion, and pursuing their passions. The young people at the event were both inspired and challenged by Donald.

'A Sporting Chance For Peace', Donald Brown's stunning, thought-provoking sculpture.

'A Sporting Chance For Peace', Donald Brown's stunning, thought-provoking sculpture.

Donald was joined on stage by poet Maurice Malcolm, who mixed humour with social messages in two energetic and thought-provoking performances.

The event also included short presentations from:

Many thanks to all of the schools who brought young people along to this fantastic event!

Quotes from Donald Brown's
keynote presentation

Having a lot of money doesn’t make you wealthy in life.
You can spread your wings and fly … but first you need to become like the whale, diving deep, pushing your limitations
Don’t wait for other people to acknowledge your greatness … own it
When you lose, you learn … and can turn a negative into a positive