Meeting the standard: the B-Safe Team award anti-bullying charter status to Wolverhampton schools

Last year, as part of their work supporting safeguarding priorities around the city, the B-Safe team, Wolverhampton's Junior Safeguarding Board, were asked to work together to describe standards which they felt schools should meet in dealing with bullying. The team then carefully structured these standards to form a citywide anti-bullying charter.

Wolverhampton schools were asked to submit evidence and policies to support an application for a charter award based on the statements in the charter. Thirty eight Wolverhampton schools submitted applications, including primaries, secondaries, and special schools. The B-Safe team rigorously examined the applications, matching the submitted evidence to their standards, and requesting additional evidence from schools where necessary.

Of the 38 schools who applied, 20 were awarded the charter award, with several other schools being given 'working towards' status.

Successful schools were invited to an awards event at The Bob Jones Community Hub on Wednesday 28th March. The B-Safe team introduced the event, which was compèred by Steve Dodd from Wolverhampton Safeguarding Board. Linda Sanders, the independent chair of the Safeguarding Award, spoke glowingly of the work the B-Safe team at the event, and awarded trophies to the schools to recognise their new anti-bullying status.

The B-Safe Team will be re-opening applications for new schools soon, so more schools can demonstrate their commitment to preventing and dealing with bullying in young people.

Wolverhampton schools who have achieved anti-bullying charter status:

  • Northwood Park Primary
  • St Luke's Ce Primary
  • Trinity CE Primary
  • Wodensfield Primary
  • Eastfield Primary
  • Edward the Elder Primary
  • Bushbury Hill Primary
  • Aldersley High
  • St Michael's CE Primary
  • Colton Hills Community School
  • Penn Hall School
  • Loxdale Primary
  • Woden Primary
  • Palmer's Cross Primary
  • Holy Trinity Catholic Primary
  • Stow Heath Primary
  • Heath Park
  • Dunstall Hill Primary
  • Bilston CE Primary
  • Moseley Park School

Congratulations to all of the successful schools.

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The work of the B-Safe team in designing and evaluating their anti-bullying charter award is another fantastic example of co-production in our city

If you're not familiar with the concept of co-production, here's a quick video clip to help!

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