Colton Hills Mini Ambassadors develop community and communication skills through after-school HeadStart programme.

The team in HeadStart Area D (All Saints, Blakenhall, Parkfields and Ettingshall) have been supporting the Mini Ambassadors at Colton Hills School in learning more about how they can get involved within the community.

Over the course of several weeks in after-school sessions, Russell Smith, a Tutor for Street Games led the young people through a series of development activities.

The first session he got them together and set them a challenge. To build a tower out of limited resources and make it as tall as possible, but they had to share resources with the opposing team. This required the Mini Ambassadors to work together to achieve a common goal using different ideas, their individual strengths and diplomacy skills, compromising with the opposing team. Later, they built a shield that they felt would express them as an individual. This helped them feel a sense of identity and how they could then bring that to the community.

The second session consisted of Russ asking what makes their community so special and makes them proud. Many of the Mini Ambassadors agreed that they lived in a very unique place where a multitude of different cultures, religions, ethnic backgrounds and languages exist together. Many of them did feel as through the gap between the older generation and the younger generation could be improved. All of them together want to create ideas on how they can become closer and understand each other's perspectives better.

The Mini Ambassadors then helped to plan and support a community event, the 'Mind Your Health' event at Bob Jones Community Hub on Wednesday 21st March, held as part of the Live, Learn, Work activities citywide.

In their final session with Russ, the Mini Ambassadors received their Youth Action Certificates, to recognise that they are working together to help improve their community, to help build close bonds and support each other.

Congratulations to the Colton Hills mini Ambassadors!

You can get a glimpse of that last session in the video bellow: